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What are Debate Points and how do I get more of them? 

    Debate Points are used to determine who is the King of the Hill when it comes to debate and intellectual prowess. A small amount of Debate Points are issued when you first activate a new account. After that, users assign you debate points by up votes in commentaries. Points are also earned for submitting content for debate such as articles and commentaries. 

How do I get ranked higher?

Debate Points add up to five basic rank levels:
1) Apprentice - Starting Rank
2) Intermediary - 100 points
3) Steward - 1000 points
4) Finalist - 2500 points
5) Champion - 5000 points
    Periodic competitions are announced to earn more points and ascend in ranking faster. Competitions also provide opportunity for cash prizes for Steward, Finalist and Champion ranking levels.